The Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) is a non-profit professional body of food technologists and educators in the field of food science and technology, and other individuals involved in areas of work closely related to food technology.

MIFT is the only non-governmental organization in Malaysia that brings together food scientist and technologists. The Malaysian Government has recognized MIFT as a professional body.

Founded in 1974, the MIFT has grown to over 400 members. The majority are Professional members who are managers, food scientist and technologists in the food industry, researchers in government and private institutions, educators in universities and colleges. Many of them are trained in food science and technology or related discipline such as chemistry, biochemistry and have relevant experiences in their application to food.

For individuals who do not have relevant training and experience but are involved in the food industry, we offer them participation in the activities of MIFT as ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.

Corporate bodies associated with food science and technology or the food industry, are also provided the opportunity to associate with MIFT to further the objectives of MIFT as CORPORATE MEMBERS.