First I am honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology MIFT (2018-2020). I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Hasimah Hafiz Ahmad, for her leadership and outstanding contributions to MIFT during her presidency, and the members of the Council of 2016-2018. I am truly inspired by their commitment to MIFT and all of their achievements. Indeed, the growth of MIFT has been propelled collectively by the individuals and all the past presidents and past council members of MIFT. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of MIFT.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MIFT for allowing me to serve as President and to be a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back, but allows friendships to be created within the industry. I am following the footsteps of some great leaders in the industry. This organization was formed back in 1974 by individuals who were motivated and persistent in pursuing a goal of success for the association. I intend to keep that tradition going.

The next two years comes as a challenge for myself and the Council as we continue to work closely together with Malaysian Food Analysts Council to develop examinations and professional training programmes for registered food analysts to further enhance their knowledge in the latest developments related to the practice in food analysis. Both myself and the Council are excited about the opportunity to give something back to our members and the industry.

The second challenge we will have is increasing our membership. Like with other associations, many of our members are entering the twilight of their careers and are looking forward to a much deserved retirement. With that said we need to bring some youth into the association and that starts at the chapter level. The chapters that continually recruit new members and are always growing, are the ones that thrive and have the most activities. If any chapter or member needs any help or ideas, my door, as well as any member of the Council, is always open to answer any questions.

Several opportunities will be available throughout the year to meet for certification/education as well as networking with individuals within our industry. Networking is an important part of our industry. I have been a member of a few local associations including MIFT for many years and networking personally has allowed several opportunities to come my way that otherwise would not have. MIFT has a wealth of knowledge, and when combined with the networking opportunities, has helped create long term relationships which have been priceless. For this reason, existing members are encouraged to update member’s details in online member database, accessible via the new website,

For our current members and perspective members I want to assure you that my intention, and that of the members of Council, is to grow MIFT without limits. We will stay focused on remaining as a benefit to our members while also staying current with Industry standards and requirements. I look forward to a productive successful presidency and invite each of you to participate, and most important become involved.


Regards, Koh Yew Ming, PhD