Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


  2. As part of its objectives to promote the profession of food scientists and technologists, MIFT is establishing a register of food consultants in the various fields of specialization.
    The food consultants are expected to be specialists in their field of operation.


    1. To create opportunities for food scientists and technologists to be registered consultants under the MIFT “Consultants for Food Industries”;
    2. To provide a broad range of specialist food consultants who are appropriately qualified and competent to deliver quality service in a professional manner;
    3. To assist businesses in selecting quality food consultants based on their ability and integrity;
    4. To facilitate linkage between consultants and industries.


    1. Registered consultants will be listed in the MIFT website;
    2. MIFT members gain recognition in their specific discipline and services;
    3. Improve opportunities for consultants to access industries.


  6. Applicants must meet the following criteria:
    1. Professional member of MIFT;
    2. Formal qualifications – Bachelor of Science or higher degree in the food related disciplines;
    3. Recognized training in areas of expertise (e.g. HACCP for food safety consultants);
    4. Working experience – a minimum four (4) years in food-related fields;


    1. Profile and experience of consultant;
    2. Reference from clients – two referees who can provide an unbiased assessment of the applicant;
    3. International recognition (if relevant);
    4. Publication/papers presented (if relevant);
    5. List of projects implemented.


  9. Registered consultants shall act with professional skill and integrity in the execution of their work as food or food related Consultants and in particular should:
    1. not undertake any assignment which is not in their area of expertise, or any assignment, to their knowledge, is beyond their capabilities;
    2. not act in any way prejudicial to the reputation or other interests of their clients. In particular they shall not disclose or permit to be disclosed any confidential information concerning their clients' businesses, without prior written approval;
    3. not act in any way prejudicial to the interest of MIFT;
    4. disclose to their client any relationship they may have with any member of a clients' staff, or with any individual or organization which is known to be in competition with the client, if the relationship could be said to influence the services given;
    5. disclose to prospective clients current involvement(s) which may be in conflict or in competition with the new client’s project.

    Any registered consultant who fails to comply with these will be advised to rectify the matter within two (2) months failing which their registration will be withdrawn and their name will be removed from the list of registered consultants.


    1. Send the completed APPLICATION FORM to the MIFT office.
    2. Successful applicants will be registered upon payment of the registration fees.
    3. MIFT reserves the right to adopt additional criteria for registration in line with new developments.


    1. The evaluation and approval will be conducted by a committee appointed by the MIFT Council;
    2. The Committee will meet at least once in three (3) months;
    3. The applicant may be required to attend an interview;
    4. The final decision will be officially conveyed to the applicant.

  12. FEES


    2. A registration fee of RM200 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred Only) is required for each successful consultant, valid for a period of two years or part thereof, and is renewable by the first day of December on the year of expiration.
    3. RENEWAL
      1. A fee of RM100 (Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Only) per year is required for renewal.
      2. The renewal fee is payable before the first day of December for the subsequent year.
      3. A penalty of RM100 (Ringgit Malaysia one hundred only) will be charged for late renewal after the first day of December, but before the first day of February.
    4. The applicant may be required to attend an interview;
    5. The final decision will be officially conveyed to the applicant.


    1. MIFT reserves the right to delist consultants from the register. The affected consultant may appeal, but the final decision lies with the MIFT Council.
    2. If the consultant is found to have breached the Code of Professional Conduct as per sub-section F, the consultant will be delisted from the Register upon endorsement by the MIFT Council.
    3. The consultant will be delisted from the Register if he fails to renew his yearly registration.


    1. MIFT is not and cannot be implicated for any dispute between the consultant and their client;
    2. MIFT shall not recommend or influence the client, but merely provide the list for the client to choose from;
    3. Contract arrangements are between the consultant and the client;
    4. MIFT shall not be liable for any dissatisfaction, mishaps or claims resulting from the consultant’s services.